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My neighbor and I have planted a large sunken pot garden between our homes (I promise a big post on that later) and with the last few weeks we have gotten a few days of crazy rain. My sweet basil has just taken off! The leaves are literally almost the size of my iPhone.

She & I had been discussing ways to preserve and use our herbs so they can keep growing. So what’s a girl to do? Get on google or Pinterest and find some ideas. I started Pinning away (you can follow my gardening board HERE if you want). I have lots of ideas but I didn’t have a lot of time today between the kids home and work but Gina, my neighbor, brought over some of her rosemary she had harvested because she was making some things today so I couldn’t resist doing something on this beautiful rainy day. Since my basil leaves are c-u-razy I decided to do basil oil.

I looked over some of the recipes I found and came up with what I wanted to do-a hodge podge of other’s ideas and then some of my own. First I harvested the basil leaves-I tried to harvest the larger leaves that still came from the fresh green stems (so they will regrow). And then I do what I do when I go to use fresh basil-I roll each leaf (or maybe 2 if they are the same size) and cut them into ribbons. I used about 1 cup and a half…


Then I took my rocker knife and chopped it up a little more.

As far as the olive oil, had I prepared for this I would have gone to Fresh Market and gotten some really good organic olive oil that had the least flavor (so it would take on the basil better) but I did this with what I had and the time I had instead of getting out in the rain. So I took 2 cups of extra virgin olive oil and placed it in my pot and turned on the stove to about a 7. I added 1 tablespoon of kosher salt and added my chopped basil.


Once it began to make little bubbles and simmer (about 3-4 minutes) I let it go for a few minutes and then I turned the stove off leaving the pot on the eye still. I wanted some of the saltiness to break down in it as much as possible.


Then I let the basil steep in the oil and salt for an hour (I would do a minimum of an hour).


Take a sieve and but it over the vessel of your choice and drain the oil through, leaving the chopped basil. If I was smart I would have taken that basil, oil, salt almost pesto, and put it in ice cube trays for freezing and using later so now you can benefit from my hindsight;-)Wanna Pin It? Do it HERE!


From this…

To this…


I had some Publix pizza dough in the fridge that we haven’t used and won’t have time to so I rolled it out and brushed some of the basil oil on it and sprinkled some rosemary salt that my neighbor, Gina, brought over to me tonight-I can’t wait to see how it tastes-I will try to update the post when its done! Here is an instagram really quick of it halfway through…


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