breasts | part I

For all you guys that clicked on this because it said breasts-good-stay tuned and talk to you wife, your mother, your sister, your daughter, and any other important woman in your life after you read this. Nope this isn’t a sexy post but it may be a life saving one;-)

Let’s face it, when you really think about the human body the breast might just be the both the most functional and most beautiful part of a woman’s body. What else on your body, except perhaps those pretty eyes, are that functional and that beautiful all at the same time? As women they are one of the first things that alert us we might be pregnant, they are are gorgeous and full through our pregnancies, and then once that sweet baby is born they tingle and fill with milk to sustain every single nutritional need your baby needs. And, let’s face it, our men love them on us pregnant and swollen or not!

I had never really given any thought to breast cancer up until a few years ago when someone I love very much and would die if I lost was diagnosed (also related to me) with a mere Stage 1 diagnosis. It was a relief because it was treatable but also a wake up call-this is something both she and I would have to stay on top of for the rest of our lives. Then, recently, my maternal grandmother was diagnosed with Stage 2 which was also successfully treated. So I have it in my genes, perhaps. But even if you don’t there are women dying, even as young as my age, from breast cancer who never even had the thought enter their mind until they felt that first lump. You can get breast cancer without a single risk factor-you can die from breast cancer without a single risk factor. But your can also make sure you get to it before it gets to you.

As women we make sure the kids have well checks, we don’t hesitate to take them to the ER with anything we are concerned about, we make sure everyone is healthy but what they probably want most is to be able to deal with you taking a million pictures before prom, watch them walk across that graduation stage, look in that front row of their wedding and see their mother, to be able to hand over their firstborn grandchild to you, to watch you grow old and be able to love and play with their children. So we need to take care of ourselves. And, yes, if you are healthy with no risk factors what do they tell you? 40 for your first mammogram? I know people with no risk factors who died before they were 30 from breast cancer.

So this is my plea, get one at 30 or 35-at the very least you get a baseline for what your breasts look like healthy so that when you are older they can compare and see any changes.

Me? I am getting one now. But mine will be two-fold. You see I have breast implants. When I got pregnant with Olivia at age 23 I was a C cup-by the time I went through my pregnancy (and gained no more than the recommended) and breast fed her I was left with about an A cup and not a good looking A cup. So about 9-10 months later I got implants-I made sure I could still breastfeed (which I have since-Greyson for 11 months and Presley for 7 months) but really I wanted my body returned back to what it was and you can’t exercise those back;-)

So today I will go to get a breast ultrasound to make sure my implants are okay to smoosh for my mammogram. I am not scared about today but I am a little scared about the mammogram-I know its ridiculous-I have given birth to 3 children and I am worried about a few seconds of pain. But I am going to do it and so should you. Please <3

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