Costa Rica….Pura Vida

Did we intend to go to Costa Rica? Not really…we were talking with friends of ours about going to the Keys and the airfare was a little high so in my mind I thought it might be just the same to go to someplace like Costa Rica. At the same time, Lindsey, got a groupon for a resort there and it got her wheels turning too (we didn’t stay there but it was just another sign we should go ;-). We started texting and a trip was born. We went during the Green/Rainy Season and it as my second trip there-it was as beautiful as I remember -just gorgeous! Did it rain the entire time? Quite a bit but that was good for many reasons, honestly. The heat wasn’t too bad, the humidity wasn’t as bad as Florida for some reason, we didn’t get sunburned (or any sun for that matter), and the tourism is a little slower so almost all our tours and adventures turned into private tours because we were the only ones signed up;-)Love it!

We left super early that morning so we could get there by noon-when we go on vacation we are on a time crunch to get back to the kids-this was a super long trip for us to take without them for sure!


I surprised Jon with First Class tickets-they honestly weren’t as expensive as you’d think for some odd reason and my man needs to stretch out on long flights-it was heavenly! We all landed and got our rental car to head to the house we rented. I think our first stop was the Taracoles Bridge to see some crocodiles. I wished so much that there was some way for you to gauge how large a few of these were-I believe we were told 18 feet long or so-the head was colossal!








So then it was on to Jaco for a few sunset Imperials on the beach and then a few stops to get some pretty sunset pictures since it would take a bit to get to the house;-)



And then on to the house;-)Amazing house…Jon thought I was being kindof a snob but I had two requirements, well one, two part requirement; a pool that has an ocean view. I just imagined myself relaxing in it, with a cold drink, watching the sun set. He delivered;-)
My attempt at a panoramic -not bad after a few drinks I’d say! Stitched from 5 or 6 images.


Our first day we just explored and shopped and planned-relaxation at its finest…we had monkeys absconding fruit from the trees around the house;-)



And then we lucked into a private ATV tour that took us all over and eventually to a waterfall which was sooo amazing. Wonderful people, had a blast! Highly recommend them: SafariTours The guy even took pictures for us once I got him all set up. When I pulled out the underwater housing he got out his phone to take a picture of it lol…


Then, after a rainy, muddy ATV tour and lunch in the jungle we took advantage of the pool for a bit-who cares about the rain!



Boys will be boys…


Soooo Randy & I really wanted to see  a sloth while we were there. Anyone reading this in Shoaf’s Zoo/Bot class in high school? We watched a video about the Amazon one time and ever since then I have been a little obsessed with seeing one in person…in the Amazon actually but Costa Rica will have to do for now! So some mentioned to someone on the house staff that we wanted to see a pereza or sloth and he starts waving us down. Jon yells from the yard that we are going to see a sloth and so off we went. I didn’t even put shoes on because I thought it was in the yard. Nope, and I left with lots and lots of ant bites but it was worth it.


And then Kieko went into the woods and got the sloth out!? So they are really slow but not when they want to strike you;-)


Yeah he was inching down towards me with those claws….as evidenced by my face…

Randy was in heaven;-)


So then we walked down to our beach and were a bit surprised to find cattle-such a weird combination being from NW Florida to see cattle on the beach…



So then on to our next adventure-white water rafting. Somehow I had never been…Great guide named Nacho-wore our GoPro and everything! We took some pictures with Jon’s waterproof Panasonic camera and then the photography team with the group took some as well that we purchased. I edited them to fit in with the rest of our images (with permission of course) and watermarked them because they had none but credit goes to their photography team and the great time we had with





And then cleaned up for dinner.


And anytime you have a chance to eat at a restaurant that is built around a plane, you do it….I believe Randy had Tuna and I believe I had nachos…don’t even ask why I remember this…El Avion 


And then on to our final adventure – crazy mountain ride, hiking, zip-lining in the jungle, waterfall repelling, and more-all in the pouring rain;-)Awesome tour-also ended up being a private tour-gotta love the green season! ADR Adventure Park and some of these images are also taken by them and some by us-all not great but….what do ya do?! I still liked them;-)Images are about memories-sometimes you have to forgo quality;-)











If you are wondering what is going on here, apparently Randy has been watching too much Bear Grylls lately-they ate termites off a hive/nest in a tree…..


Jon is different from most men, I would say, he actually likes taking pictures and he knew from the start I wanted to get a few neat pictures of he and I while we were there so off we went-it got dark way before we thought it would but I kindof like the unique quality it gives this one-there will be a canvas of this in my bedroom…



And you are probably thinking it these look so romantic. Oh they were, believe me, we were having a good time and then we decided to sprawl out and get a few like that…lets just say that tide and those waves came up real quick. In fact, I clearly remember Jon looking down at me and saying something with expletives that we were about to get knocked out-we didn’t have time to react at all lol we are BOTH under that wave. I have never had so much sand in my clothes and hair-I was still getting out sand from my hair days later. We laughed so hard!


A few pictures on our way out:(We seriously didn’t want to leave, even called our airlines to find out about changing…



Something pretty outside our window on the way home;-)



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