day eighty nine {threesixtyfive} a baby is born

Yesterday I photographed my first birth. HERE is the blog entry from my blog with more images. Wow is all I am left with. I have given birth 3 times and each time it was amazing and I reveled in the experience but I can say this experience was completely unique. I met Kortney & David in my (and Jon’s) birthing class at Sacred Heart’s Family Birth Place when we were pregnant with Greyson (who will be 3 in July) and she and David were pregnant with Chesney (who will be 3 in August).  We kept in touch and have become friends. When she found out she was pregnant with #2 we talked about possibly capturing the birth and we were both thrilled with the plan. Well, as you can read on my other blog, she was induced early due to high blood pressure and so my 24 hours of checking in and going back and forth to capture it all began.

It was thrilling, especially when it started getting closer. Although Kortney had an epidural the pain started getting pretty bad and so I knew it was close. Just being in the room with a mommy in labor made me so anxious with excitement. Then when her pain was almost unbearbable my heart ached for her-tears stung my eyes as I tried to reassure her. Although the actual feeling of how much the pain is has left me (and did between all my others) I could still remember thinking I couldn’t do it anymore. I tried so hard to have my last two naturally to the point where I didn’t get my epidural but a mere 11 and 13 minutes from giving birth to Presley and Greyson, respectively. I clearly remember thinking that I could not believe pain like that existed. And so, when Kortney started feeling like she couldn’t go on, not only did I know the time was near but I knew that feeling of desperation she was feeling. I also knew that the only cure was Baby Paisley coming into the world and I knew it would be quick.

It was finally too much to bear and those last few centimeters went very quickly. My heart was racing as I got my cameras/lenses poised to capture this moment. I had a hard time controlling my emotion as I kept telling Kortney she was doing awesome and that it was all going to be over and so worth it. Then, with one small push Dr. Esses said “stop!” because Paisley was here and the doctor needed to take care of everything. The one thing Kortney had asked for was a picture of the clock when she was born so up went my camera to get that one thing she asked for.

And then Kortney voiced the one nagging concern that most one-child mother’s have when pregnant with their second-she simply said “I love her” and then she went on (and I almost lost it) and said “I was so afraid I wouldn’t love her but I do-I love her” and everyone in the room that had babies understood her relief and knew that the tears she had coming out of her eyes as she held Paisley for the first time were those of love.

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