day forty {threesixtyfive} drops of water

UPDATED: I Got It!! Click HERE

It has been raining and dreary so long this winter and I saw this little tutorial and had to try it…most frustrating hour and 400 images of my life! Try it, dare you…

Yes, I realize mine is not as good and I did get the “ghosting” she talked about on my droplets but if I didn’t speed my shutter I got movement which obviously I am trying to freeze. My kitchen is not as bright (hers has a window right in front of her shooting) and so I got lots of shadows when I used my flash straight on-I had to bounce it which diffused my light some, hence speeding my shutter was necessary to freeze action.

This was my set-up…I even used an old film camera lens (which may have reduced my quality also) as you can see in the pictures…

Set-up images taken with my Sony NEX-5

I used white foam board to bounce some light back on to the set-up.

This experiment will be revisited until I get it right I assure you…

  • Kristy Jo - March 5, 2011 - 12:37 am

    I just caught that you linked to Jodi’s tutorial. I’ll try my luck at following her directions. Thanks! Smiles :)ReplyCancel

    • kansas - March 5, 2011 - 11:27 pm

      I tried hers first and had no luck so I had to try it the way I showed in my post-I just couldn’t get her way to work! Did you see my later post where I actually got it right doing it another way?ReplyCancel

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