day twenty-nine {threesixtyfive} the braves…this ones for all you guys

For Christmas I got my husband a trip to the Atlanta Braves inaugural Fantasy Camp at the Wide World of Sports at Disney. Backstory: A few months before Christmas he said he had gotten an email about the camp. I looked at it and said “ah that is a little expensive” and he said yeah, don’t spend that much on me and he actually meant it (I would not mean it-when I say that it pretty much means I really want this but wouldn’t ask you to spend that much on me, totally expecting that he would). Within minutes I had gone back to my office and booked it!  He had no idea but truly, if he knows me, he knows just because something is expensive doesn’t mean its out of the question because, if you know my husband, he is a sports fanatic and this is just one of those things that is worth it. I never even mentioned the camp again (which killed me because I am terrible at surprise secrets!) and everytime he brought it up I would say something like, one day maybe you can do it-you know right now we are looking at houses and stuff so we need to save as much as possible for a down payment, yada yada yada.

For Christmas I bought a Braves logo fathead and put it on the mirror behind the Christmas tree so when we all went in it was there! And then the planning began…

So finally it arrived; he had a blast…he got to play with the guys he watched play growing up-Sid Bream, Otis Nixon, Javy Lopez, Steve Avery, Greg McMichael, Greg Olson, Pete Smith, Marquis Grissom, Brad Clontz, Mike Bielecki and I am sure I am missing someone but you get the drift.  He received his own batting practice and game uniform and got to practice and play games with all these guys. I took a million pictures and they had a sports photographer there (with better/closer lenses) and he got some great shots too (hopefully I can share some of those with his permission, of course)! They played in the stadium where the Braves have Spring Training games, actually, starting on February 14th I believe, this year. It was definitely an experience he will never forget and it was so intimate-I think there were about 20 “campers” in addition to the “legends” and so they all hung out-had a poker night, dinners, and everything!

Jon & Grey with Javy Lopez.

Jon’s locker with his jersey’s, etc.

Talking with Sid Bream during one of the games.

Think you are too old? Or are you a girl? No problem! There were two women that signed up for it (one solo and one with her fiancee) and they had a blast! The sweetest thing, though, was a 76 year old man whose wife got it for him for their anniversary (I think). He was darling and actually got a base hit at the last game. The night of the awards banquet he made a little speech and said it brought tears to his eyes when they announced his name over the loud speaker that last day. He said running onto the field in a Braves uniform was truly a dream come true. And, honestly, it was for Jon too.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution did a few articles on it HERE (Jon is in image #8).

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