day two-fifty five {project365} Pottery Barn you will not bring me down…

Can we all say customer service has gone downhill? I think we can. From the complete lack thereof to the completely inadequacy of-I need to be able to understand the person answering the phone and they need to be able to understand me otherwise these companies are paying them for nothing-they are there for customer service and not accomplishing that at all so what, may I ask, is the point of paying them?  So Pottery Barn does not have that issue, necessarily, they have others, even worse-their representatives can understand me and me, them but they simply suck. There. I said it. Apparently their furniture is custom made to order so everything you want is on backorder. Oh and the back order date is not even remotely close to the day you will actually get it-it could be weeks apart. And do they care? Nope. The latest in my saga, as I am sure some of you have read on facebook the drama with the speedboat bed (whose mast was on backorder until August 10 and is now set for October 3rd) but I again made the mistake of ordering something. The  Carolina Craft Table, which came in on time and was easy to put together. Then I ordered the organizer (at the same time as the table) which was….you guessed it! on back order until August 23rd. Finally got shipping confirmation the other day, September 8th or something. It came in NINE, wait did you hear me? NINE flat boxes. Mind you, this is not a flat piece of furniture. I was determined and I prevailed-I got it together in less than a day and the kids are enjoying that-you did not bring me down Pottery Barn! Victorious!

Oh and why is the Allen wrench the tool of choice for this crap? It is not even battery powered;-)

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