day two-fifty four {project365} why did I take a picture in the hospital? a lesson in documenting


Think about that word….we all love images of our kids when they are giggling, smiling, having a blast but if are to truly document their lives for them, to preserve these precious years to show them and their children one day, to sit on the porch in our rocking chairs when we are old and truly remember what we have been through together, we need it all…the good, the bad, the ugly. Presley isn’t always smiling-yes, she is a happy baby, but this week she has been plagued with astronomical fevers, throwing up, and generally not being herself. This weekend entailed two trips to the ER and yes, I wanted to document my baby in sickness and in health. She is a trooper-that is what I want to remember from her ER trips-she barely cried when they gave her an IV and she smiled at the nurses as the fluids and antibiotics began to work their magic and oh is her smile magical. It truly is-the sparkle in her eye, the fullness of her lips, and even the oddity of her little teeth all spaced apart and bucked out a bit;-)The nurses melted. And another thing I would like to remember from these ER trips is what am amazing father they have. The nurse made it a point to tell me, when I brought her this time on Sunday night, that my husband, who had brought her the previous night, was amazing with her-kind, loving, patient-she said she doesn’t see daddies like that often. They are lucky. I am lucky.

So yesterday went from photographing baby Charlotte…

To walking in the door to a baby girl whose temp was back up to 105.8 and taking her back to the ER…

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