DIY Fun with the Kids | Wax-Less Candles in less than 15 Minutes!

On the way to the bake-off yesterday Olivia saw one of those time lapse tutorials on Facebook (well I showed it to her because I thought it was neat-my 11 year old does not have Facebook lol). She was enthralled because girl loves her some crafts. I told her we could to do it sometime. We had shortening left over from them bake-off and I had some in the cabinet that could very well be older than her; seriously don’t we all buy some for some recipe thinking we are bakers and then never finish that big tub? And Lord knows we have a million crayons around this house. Plus I have my essential oils and some cute bottles (more about that part later-don’t use the ones I did) I got from Zulily¬†(some much cute kids stuff all the dang time)¬†thinking I would do something crafty with them…that was like a year ago but hey! I am doing it now right?!


1. Okay first you are going to find a glass container-I should have used something with a wide mouth (like the ones on the amazon thing at the bottom) because the flame is too close to the lip on this one, fill it with shortening, microwave for 45 seconds, add more shortening if need be to finish filling, and then microwave about another minute or so until its all melted.

WaxLessCandles-4webIn the meantime find some old crayons with the colors you like and start peeling the paper off. Lighter colors seem better-Presleys with her blues and reds ended up almost black instead of purple. Honestly I thought it would be lighter once mixed with all that shortening but it didn’t. Melt those crayons-that can take a while-like 4 or 5 minutes or more in the microwave.


In the meantime decide on your scent and grab your essential oils. My kids all decided on Peppermint (from YoungLiving) and I put about 10-15 drops (maybe overkill) in the melted shortening.




Then the really neat part…pour the melted crayons into the melted shortening/essential oil mixture.WaxLessCandles-8webWaxLessCandles-9web

Then grab some cotton twine (I used jute because that is all I had-seemed to work fine but I am sure it would’ve worked better with the “right” stuff), tie something heavy like a nut to the bottom and let it sink, holding it up across as shown with something like a pencil. At the bottom I show that there are some handy dandy wax wick’s that do all that by themselves if you want to purchase.


Stick them in the freezer on a level surface for 30 minutes.


Remove and take some pretty pictures for Instagram (I am @photogingmama on IG btw)


Then light and enjoy! They smell good and are very pretty. I believe it wouldn’t hurt to stick them back in the freeze after a long burn to get them back into better shape. Well I think you may almost have to! They would also be super pretty with some cute labels for great, cheap homemade gifts! They kids loved these and loved making them-super easy but really neat to watch take shape.



Want to see the video that inspired this? Check it out HERE.

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