Exploring Locally…Pitts Springs, Blueberries in Bonifay, and Allstars Ends

I got so many messages and comments on the springs pictures from yesterday that I thought I would do a little post for my fellow local explorers.


You would be amazed at what our Florida State Parks have to offer…I know you guys have seen me post about Eden State Park (HERE) and Grayton Beach State Park  but there are so many other cool spots around here to explore. I actually did my sister in laws maternity pictures a few years ago in Pitts Springs…



So yesterday I decided to pack a cooler, some towels and tennis shoes and head up to Tison Blueberries in Bonifay to pick blueberries. There are a ton of places around here to pick blueberries but I found that a lot of them were only open from Thursday through Sundays and obviously yesterday was a Tuesday. It was awesome because we had the entire field to ourselves! I loved the place…quaint, easy going, and when we went to leave we couldn’t even find anyone so I left cash and we took our 2 gallons on…



As you can imagine it was HOT which I had planned for…so we grabbed some lunch and headed to Pitts Springs (more on those HERE) – I actually think we went back to another spring, Williford Springs, that is along all the Encofina Creek (there are a ton on this map HERE). The water was refreshing to say the least (took my breath away every time I got in) and it wasn’t terribly crowded considering it is summertime in the heat of the day. There were bathrooms and also lots of picnic facilities and all those springs have been redone so there are stairs and walkways and all of that. The water is literally crystal clear and just amazing. I took along my Knekt trigger with my GoPro and also my Ikelite underwater housing with my Canon 5D Mark IV and 8-15 mm Fisheye for some fun underwater pictures of the kids snorkeling and such. Mind you, I had all three kids by myself with all this stuff so it wasn’t the most creative work lol – I needed an assistant (a/k/a husband to come along lol). Anyway just wanted to share some of those here:


Although I didn’t fly the drone yesterday, I do have some drone shots to show you how these springs look…it is so cool to see that bright blue water emerging from the green trees around them seemingly in the middle of nowhere! These are from a few North Walton Springs…Ponce de Leon Springs and Morrison Springs a few years ago:


The kids rested from our big day on the ride home and then we got ready for Greyson’s second All Star game at Defuniak Springs Little League Park. I can’t say it ended well (second game, second loss, double elimination tourney) but it was fun and I loved it being in DeFuniak so a lot of my family could come out. It was also awesome to see the turnout from parents and grandparents for all the kids. It amazes me at this age, or this age group that the game can swing so steeply in either direction….one inning can be 2-15 and then 2 innings later the game was swung to 19-15! Either way, it was fun but I am not that upset that it is over because our afternoons have been consumed….I am hoping for a beach afternoon today, celebrate the end of baseball and the true beginning of summer!





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