FSU v Oklahoma | a glimpse from the sidelines and yes I still shoot like a portrait photog

even on the sidelines….

After many requests I have put these online for purchase (they are uploading now) at Collages username: Florida State, password: 24311-FSU

I still shot in Kelvin with a little warmth because honestly, garnet and gold looks rich when its all warmed up. I hate the coolness of the stadium lights and since I was shooting for me, I could do whatever I wanted;-)  (Photogs, for more on my experience click HERE) It was my first experience on the sidelines of a college football game and this one probably ruined me-no game I have ever been to in Doak has even been that loud, that electric. I had a hard time keeping my camera up because I was too busy watching the game-emotional involvement is not the best thing to have in a game you are photographing I suppose. Even when I had my camera up I still kept my left eye open-both to see which receiver the ball was going to and also to see if he caught it-was he going to score? Did we have a chance? That game, to me, was anyone’s game and looking back on the replay on Sun Sports I really feel like penalties determined the outcome of the game-several calls turned out to be pivotal in that close of a game. Either way, the Noles played their hearts out and the crowd loved them for it-til the very end. We are proud-they played a good game and in end there is no way we should have dropped as far as we did in the polls-we played the #1 team in the country, without our starting quarterback for half the game, and now we know several of our star players played with serious injuries and the score was still tied with like 7 minutes to go in the game-we played them close the entire game-it was anyone’s game. And the guys who played hurt? If I was them, I would have too-who wanted to come out of that game? The glory that could have been theirs? Dang, I can’t wait to be on the sidelines again-it may not be quite as exciting but wow it was awesome!

Sit back, relax, and please look through them-I love what I was able to get and I know it is a long post but I had to share quite a few-it was hard to narrow down! The best ones are at the bottom (our one touchdown)!

One of our touchdowns that should not have been called back-I think we ended up kicking a field goal making it 7-3, Oklahoma.

Jimbo got a little ticked after Kenny Shaw (#81) got slammed-too bad I was too busy watching but one of the guys photographing beside me took an image right when their helmets hit and I can’t believe he was fine-walked back on the sidelines in the 4th quarter…

I actually took this one when I went during halftime to our season ticket seats to see Jon-while I was shoving a pizza down my throat-we hadn’t eaten all day because we had a wedding in Panama City and left at 5 straight from the wedding and never stopped til we got to the stadium and I got my credentials and went straight up in the end zone to get that first shot I posted. I looked down and was like oh there’s Chris Fowler-snap.

Our guys were getting everyone fired up-dancing on the field-it was rocking!

Here’s one for you Sooner fans…

And here comes our touchdown drive by #80 Rashad Green……got it!

Taking down the field….

I was in the right place for this touchdown-thank goodness because it was our only one….

Almost there…

Oh yeah!

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