I wasn’t raised in a Disney Family so don’t Hate…Just a Vote for Lake Martin

Let me preface this by saying, this is all in good fun. I love opinions-debate is fun. But, I am not from a Disney family. We went once when I was a kid that I recall (and only because there are a few pictures) and my dad would probably have rather chewed off his right arm than do it. But he did, for us. He is clearly where I get who I am from (sorry mom). And my husband’s family is the opposite-they love love love Disney. And for some reason, this debate sparks as much contempt as a religious debate….


This weekend after a crushing tball loss we took the kids for pizza and then out to Grayton to hang out-it turns out the parents really only cared about the game…according to the kids it was the best day ever after pizza, the beach, and the coming home and getting in the pool. After a few drinks I tend to voice my opinion even more than I usually do, which if you know me, that’s pretty much always-not the drinking, the opinions.  I love a good debate (ask my husband  hahahahaha)-everyone is so different and thats what makes the world neat. So we got to talking about family vacation and it came around to Disney. Much to my husband’s dismay I said exactly what I was thinking-I hate Disney. Some of you probably seriously just clicked off my page or went down to the comments to tell me I am a horrible person, un-American even. But I have to know, am I the only one?!  Rarely does anyone side with me!

And so okay,  hate is probably a strong word (everyone should go at some point in they lives for sure) but this is not the first time this has come up. We laughed and joked about it which is what you should do when you are with friends but I have literally had people before act like I am the devil because I am not a Disney person. So let me explain…developmentally kids have a short attention span-this isn’t me pandering to my kids, its science. And vacation is not where I want to try to teach them lessons on waiting to get what you want. Vacation should be fun-not waiting in line for an hour to ride a 30 second ride and then going to the next hour long wait. And, yes there are times of the year that it isn’t like that or if you have plenty of time on your hands and can plan out the fast pass and map everything out-more power to you. I don’t…I have a more than full time job, 4 kids, a house, laundry, a husband and really no desire to plan a vacation at someplace so commercialized. What I am saying is that it isn’t my ideal  vacation.  I want my kids to get back to basics-really enjoy how beautiful our world is. I don’t want to spend my vacation waiting, spend it telling my kids they can’t have every single thing they want in all those over-priced stores, to eat expensive food that sucks, to fight crowds, to walk around in the blazing heat with sweaty tired kids. And our kids are spaced out age-wise and can’t ride the same rides and selfishly Jon & I can’t ride rides together (on a side note, literally my favorite time at Disney was when a hurricane was about to hit down there and Jon & I were dating and went together-no lines, in rain and let me tell you, one of my best memories).


(See I have been -too many times -and we did have fun soooooo I am not all terrible-its just no the happiest place on earth. This is the beginning of the day hah)


(As a side note,  don’t get me started on Disney movies-the parents literally die in every movie so the kids can battle back-can’t the kids excel with the parents alive? Why does that have to be the struggle? And the princess thing? Nope I never wanted my girls into that (Presley still is but not crazy about it). I want my girls to see what love and marriage is like from what they see from Jon & I – he shows them how they should be treated in how he treats me. Princesses and Prince Charming are a fariytale. I have my own fairytale and it looks nothing like that but it is just as sweet, just real.)


We have friends going right before school gets out (love you Jed & Christina lol)-if you are going to go, that is the ticket….go when everyone else doesn’t. It can be a blast.. And, if you are a family of 3-4 instead of 5 or 6 I can see where it might not be as overwhelming or maybe I am just a wimp:)


I will say Disney cruises seem to be actually geared more towards families than the parks are-I would love to take the kids on one. We don’t really have an extra $10k to drop on a cruise so probably not anytime soon.


My favorite family vacation? Well that is what got me thinking about the Disney thing-I was looking at going back to Lake Martin and I thought about why I loved it there so much…

Last August, when Hudson was only 9-10 weeks old and the kids were due back in school I realized we hadn’t done much with them over the summer because we had just had a baby and I didn’t bounce back as easily from the c-section as I did with my previous vaginal births. So I booked a surprise trip-rented an RV and we drove up to Lake Martin in Alabama. After the initial talk with the kids (acting all crazy) it was awesome-being on the lake (and no one else was there because it was too close to school starting), kneeboarding, tubbing, fishing, being in a beautiful natural place. It was cool at night and we had a fireplace on the porch that we made s’mores in and turned the music on and danced. We made a few easy dinners and drank wine and just sat back and relaxed with our new family of 6. To me, that was just about the perfect vacation for what we were going through in our lives at the time. I can’t believe how well it turned out honestly.


So no maybe I don’t hate Disney (just dislike)-we have been and will go back-but, for me, its not my ideal place in the world. I could go the rest of my life and not go to Disney ever again. But this place? I need to go back as soon as possible….


Can you spot the bitty baby? LakeMartin1417-40LakeMartin1417-42LakeMartin1417-45LakeMartin1417-49LakeMartin1417-51LakeMartin1417-60LakeMartin1417-61LakeMartin1417-63LakeMartin1417-64LakeMartin1417-66


Its hard to see us but that is me & Olivia jumping off Chimney Rock. I was all brave and climbed up there with her thinking I would be the leader. When I got up there I saw just how high it was and I was freaked out-that is way higher than it looks! But there was no way I was backing down in front of the girls lol!LakeMartin1417-68LakeMartin1417-76LakeMartin1417-79LakeMartin1417-80LakeMartin1417-81LakeMartin1417-84LakeMartin1417-86LakeMartin1417-88LakeMartin1417-93LakeMartin1417-96LakeMartin1417-97LakeMartin1417-98LakeMartin1417-100LakeMartin1417-103LakeMartin1417-107LakeMartin1417-108LakeMartin1417-109LakeMartin1417-111LakeMartin1417-114LakeMartin1417-120LakeMartin1417-124LakeMartin1417-129LakeMartin1417-131LakeMartin1417-136LakeMartin1417-141


And these are noisy and grainy but they are real and I love them…LakeMartin1417-142LakeMartin1417-147LakeMartin1417-148LakeMartin1417-149LakeMartin1417-150LakeMartin1417-153LakeMartin1417-154LakeMartin1417-157

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