Lake Martin Summer Vacation | We Lived It Up the Last Week

I will be posting this a little late so the below text is outdated lol but I will update it with the kids first day of school pictures:



Well today was it…the first day of school. Last week I thought it was time…I even told a friend of mine that I was ready for them to go back to school. I was wrong…its too quiet, it felt sad leaving them this morning. I even cried as I walked out of the school but it was short lived because I know they were excited and it is a new chapter with new friends and new experiences. But this summer has been my favorite yet I think. Last summer we were at home a lot because I had just had Hudson but this summer we truly lived it up. Jon was home most of the summer and I limited my stuff and we really just hung out with the kids so it feels weird being away from them today. We didn’t hit our “new normal” yet because we had drs appointments after we dropped them off but now, as I settle in to do some work before picking them up, with Hudson asleep, its just so weird sitting here…Its hard to believe another summer has passed. It is true what my parents used to say, as you get older time seems to move quicker. Sometimes I wish I could just pick a time to stop – Jon & I in our 30’s, the kids sweet & innocent, young enough to just be carefree but old enough to have adventures. I sat across from a lady in the drs office today who was smiling at Hudson and saying how she was waiting on great-grandchildren because her grandchildren were all older and inside I felt a little panicked. Time is moving too quickly and I want this time to last….Lord and now I am crying again! Hudson won’t even know want to do with himself without the kids not being here to greet him from his naps and play with him and be too rough with him. I have a feeling the last bell of the day won’t just be the older three’s favorite time of day…

But this last week we had one last hurrah…our annual trip to Lake Martin. It was worth the wait and as usual, I can’t wait to go back. It was actually quite dreary as far as the weather-at one point you can see the kids jumping from the dock and its raining. But, of course, the last day it cleared up beautifully! **If you are looking for Olivia she went to Haiti on a mission trip and she was supposed to join us but due to airline issues she didn’t get back in time – I can’t tell you how sad I was that she missed our trip-the kids were a little heartbroken too. But we’ll be back…hopefully sooner rather than later! A quick iPhone shot of Olivia before the vacation pictures…Video of the trip last on the blog!


Mission of Hope Haiti















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