Life Ain’t Always Pretty…An Afternoon in the Life

Sometimes everything goes right during your day….but sometimes it doesn’t.

I left my house this morning (rolling out of bed 10 minutes-maybe-before I needed to take Olivia to school) with yesterday’s makeup & the braid I slept in, workout clothes

(with full intentions of going to the gym;

little did I know a curveball would head my way).

The morning was not the best but it got better.

Lunch with my dad made it even better. When was that time that our parents didn’t know anything? Although its hard to swallow, I find so much wisdom in my dad.

I like to think I am mostly right, he used to love to think he was always right (the apple does not fall far from the tree) but so much has changed.

Then two sick babies.

Three words: hand and foot.

Then getting stopped in car line to go to the office…

What was sweet was that Presley was pale and felt like she was going to throw up and she didn’t go get a teacher, she went and got her brother…

And he took care of her; walked her to the nurse.

Made my heart burst. Maybe I am doing something right…

The night was a sweet one regardless of the day.

Cold October nights with the door open so I could make a fire…

Kids snuggled up in front of it reading and, yes iPads.

Pizza because no one felt like doing anything…

Downtime. Medicine. iPads. Pizza. Giggles. Trash Cans. Blankets. Fire. The good stuff. Real life.




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