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Crazy busy week this week…it started this weekend in NOLA. Jon and I drove over to do Tania & Josh’s engagements:


And then I attended a newborn workshop by Keri Meyers on Saturday in the midst of a cold snap in Louisiana!


On Sunday we went to the ImagingUSA trade show which was awesome! And then headed home to our babies-two of which were sick. So Monday started off with drs. appointments for them which Jon took them to because I finally did one thing I have been meaning to do-I got a mammogram and set up our life insurance exams!

Our Monday started with our life insurance exam complete with blood drawn and then off to my mammogram and Jon off with the kids to the dr.


First, let me say, a few years ago this thought never crossed my mind. Then within the last few years two of my dear families members have been diagnosed with breast cancer. One thing I can say is that at least one of them was on top of things so hers was caught early and now there is tons of monitoring. The other, my grandmother who is well into her 80’s hadn’t had a mammogram in 10 years and she knew something wasn’t right. She was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer.  But after mammograms, MRI’s, ultrasounds, radiation, biopsy’s, lumpectomies, and probably more they are both cancer free.  The other reason I never thought twice was because up until a few years ago I thought I was too young to get cancer, much less die from it. Then Misty Rockman happened. Misty and I went to high school together and she was a year ahead of me in school. After high school we were fast friends for a while and then parted ways. In the months before she passed I spoke with her a few times. Misty was, I believe 32 when she passed away, less than a year after her diagnosis and a little over a year after her third baby girl was born. It wasn’t breast cancer but does it matter, it was cancer and she was too young.  The point is it can happen to anyone. Misty was a sweet, beautiful, outgoing person who was full of life. There are times that I will be driving down the road and think of her and start to cry-her girls will never fully know how wonderful their mother was and I can’t imagine the pain she must have felt leaving them in this world. This kills me in the very depths of my maternal soul. I think she was at peace in the end because she was a believer but I know it her flesh it had to be hard. Those two things have made me realize I need to take care of me-I don’t have to wait for a dr to tell me to get tested for something or get preventative treatment. I can control my health choices and I will. Also, when you are younger and healthy and you get something done, like a mammogram, that healthy one can serve as a baseline comparison should something come up in the future.


My mammogram was a mere $300-not much considering it could save my life.  I got it done by Dr. Hansen at the Breast Clinic (all she does is breasts-hehe). I was most worried about the pain, the squishing, the fact that I do have implants and that they had to take twice as many images because of it.

I was pleasantly surprised. It didn’t hurt at all! I mean it wasn’t comfortable but what medical tests are, right? The best thing was that Dr.Hansen read the films immediately (also sends them to a radiologist for back up) and so you find out right then. I am proud to say that I have zero issues and my breasts are healthy;-)Maybe all the breastfeeding contributed right?


So on to the kids, Grey had a simple cold but Presley had bronchitis. Off to take care of them and rescheduled my baby session for Tuesday-no way I would allow someone to bring their newborn in my home with a contagious child of mine without disinfecting and making sure she went nowhere near my studio. So after nursing them back to health and between all the crazy wedding booking inquiries (it is wedding booking season and its in full swing!), I had a bridal meeting for a 2013 bride as well as my annual physical. I have been dr.’ed to death this week! But well worth it!

So Thursday I finally got to meet Baby Bradyen…you may remember this from their maternity session-its hard to believe that the baby in the ultrasound picture is now here!


But here he is! (I haven’t edited the entire session but I have a few  to share):


And then I rushed out to a PR shoot for L. Gall & Co. and Dine by Design at White Lights new venue

and then off to get the kids from school and Olivia from her dental appointment where she was getting sealants on her molars;-)

Well later that night I noticed Olivia was getting a weird croupy-like cough. She has had croup her entire life but it only flares up about once a year and in the last few, hardly ever. We were told she would outgrow it by her 2nd or 3rd birthday because her airways would get bigger as she grew. Apparently not. In one of those heart stopping moments that defines parenthood she came in to our bedroom at 2 am in a full on attack. She couldn’t breath, she was panicked so we did all the things we were supposed to do-take her outside and then try the steamed up bathroom but really within minutes I knew this attack was much more severe than normal so I threw on whatever clothes I could find and carried her to the car and sped to the ER. I was shaking and scared to death and I knew Olivia was-she couldn’t catch her breath even though she was trying to be calm. I drove up to the door carried her in leaving my car running with the door open (I didn’t realize it til about 30 minutes later the security guard offered to move my car and bring me my keys-oops I forgot!). They took us straight back because they could hear her laboring breathing but then we literally waited at least 25 minutes for the breathing treatment to start. I think Olivia and I both thought they would get right on it and I know it takes time but in these minutes Olivia’s anxiety was out of control and so was her breathing. At once point she had a full on panic attack. She stood up in the hospital bed with that terrible croupy breathing and coughing and started screaming and doubling over from stomach pain. The look in her eyes scared me to death-I felt so helpless and I didn’t understand why it was getting so bad so quick. We finally calmed her and she received her breathing treatment, x-rays, and steroids. Much to the initial drs. surprise (he said she was too old for croup and that her breathing sounded like something having to do with her vocal cords) the x-rays came back showing her trach very constricted, even after the breathing treatment. So croup was her diagnosis even though he still feels it could be more…After about 3 hours at the hospital we got home and went to bed finally. Sleep didn’t come easily at first-when you get woken up in that fashion you are scared its going to happen again. Finally sleep came as I laid there and listened for her…Today she is doing better and I think, for the week,  I am done with drs. and craziness;-)Thanks goodness. Happy Friday everyone, hope your weekend rocks!


  • Amy - January 20, 2012 - 3:46 pm

    Poor Olivia! My son also gets the croup, his brothers get a cold; he gets the croup. He has been in several times for treatments, the last one was two years ago when he was nine. I’m glad you wrote this because they didn’t mention anything about him being too old for it, I wonder if I should get that checked on. I know he has had just one small asthma moment when running around, I wonder if they have a form of asthma and therefor are more prone to reacting to the croup badly.ReplyCancel

    • kansas - January 20, 2012 - 4:10 pm

      Amy, they told us when she was little she would grow out of it as soon as she got bigger because her airways would get larger since croup is basically a restriction of airflow because of a constricted trach so who knows! We will be seeing her pediatrician and seeing if she can recommend a respiratory specialist to get this taken care!ReplyCancel

  • Erika - January 20, 2012 - 9:45 pm

    We have experienced the same thing with Evan. He actually had to spend a week in the hospital after he was born due to his restrictive airways. Unfortunately, that was just the beginning with him. We see Dr. Neuland, an asthma specialist in Ft. Walton, who treats Evan. Evan does not have asthma (at least not yet), but Dr. Neuland has really helped in dealing with Evan’s breathing issues. I have his contact information, if you would like it. Glad Olivia is doing better.ReplyCancel

    • kansas - January 20, 2012 - 10:13 pm

      Wow I didnt know that Erika! Thank you so much for the info and yes please email me his stuff. At the very least we want an exact answer as to what it is that is causing this. THe radiologist will read the scans and send them to our pediatricians and I will follow up with them also but I def would like to see a specialist but one that has the recommendation of a friend is so much better!ReplyCancel

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