Oh my grandma what big …..canvas’s you have ;-)

I don’t know why I felt the need to pun off a quote from Little Red Riding Hood and its not a very good one at that! But I wanted to share our new paint color as well as that 40″x60″ canvas that everyone on facebook voted on of my family. One word: magnificent! I mean wowzers;-)For scale purposes those three beside it are each 16×24’s!

And yes I could have moved the toys and things but let’s be honest-this is actually clean for my house;-)

Here is the thing also, people order 8×10’s and consider ordering an 11×14 to be large but I have nothing in my home less than a 16×20-go big or go home right? I had a client in my studio the other day discussing prints and designing Christmas cards and so I took her upstairs to show her the different sizes and she made a comment to the affect of, wow I never thought of getting larger images like these-she loved them! Think big if you have a favorite image-this is my all time favorite image of my family and I knew I had to have it big. If you are a photographer you should have some large pieces to show your clients up against a 16×20 and if you are a client/consumer clear out some wall space and get yourself a statement piece;-)

Oh and here is what the living room looked like when we viewed it to purchase – the “before” if you will.

And a few more of the canvas!

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