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So….my kids are on spring break this week and apparently we are having record lows as far as temperature goes. I had planned on basking in the glow of the beach and the sun all this week but those plans changed-its plain frigid outside, well to me anyway (50’s during the day, freezing at night). That being said, we have nothing planned for spring break now. I am a big proponent of not entertaining my kids all the time-my brother and I made our own entertainment-no iPhones, we weren’t interested in video games really, no crafting all the time, etc. We went outside and used our imaginations. I am so glad my parents did that for us and I am trying to do the same for my kids-I think it develops so much in them-I honestly think that is one of the main reasons that my brother and I are self-starters, entrepreneurs. But, I like to do things with them, especially crafty things, to teach them different ways to do things and how items we could throw away can be used for something else. And they are very crafty kids but too young to do a lot of it on their own;-)First, we started a little Pinterest breakfast…YUM-E (Pin It! HERE and follow me on Pinterest):

I was watching The Chew the other day and came across Clinton’s Craft Corner where he was doing silk tie-dyed eggs. Let me say, when I first saw the show itself (not this craft in particular) I thought the concept was well, dumb. But now I am in love with the show-the chemistry, the elements-food & crafts!! I tried his way doing the eggs and he is no Martha Stewart. His way is HERE…but where he says to boil them for 20 minutes, Martha says 40. I tried his way first and it didn’t transfer the ink so I googled Martha and used her method and it worked better. I think next time I will do even longer! Martha’s way is HERE. It is such a fun little craft and very easy to do. Jon had ties he doesn’t need/want/wear so we used those (and ended up going to the thrift store to get more because we loved it!).

Basically you take hard boiled eggs (just in case I will put a link for doing that HERE).

Then wrap the most colorful side of a 100% silk tie (we found that older ties worked better-I think the newer stain resistant chemicals on the current ties makes it harder for the silk to “bleed”) around the egg and secure with some floral wire (again, Clinton said rubber bands but those busted as soon as they hit the boiling water for me). The tighter the wrap, the better the transfer but don’t break the egg!

After that take the wrapped egg and put in a sock (kids socks work best-take up the least room, fit very snug) and secure that tightly with more floral wire (or tie the socks, like I did).

Gather your twice wrapped eggs and put them in a tall pot of cool water (they said glass or something but I used my regular pots) with about a cup of vinegar. Bring to a boil and let them boil away!

Like I said, Clinton said 20 minutes and that did nothing for me, like this:

Then I did the 40 minutes like Martha said:

And then, I went all out and boiled them for over 2 hours (adding water if it got low)-wanna see?

Do you LOVE them???? Pin them HERE!




*Pick older ties with no stain resistance chemicals (a lot of them say treated with stain resistant chemicals)-thrift stores are great for this!

*Pick vibrant ties-usually the uglier the better honestly! Jon’s didn’t do much but the thrift store ties we got were better:

*100% silk ties

*Floral wire instead of rubber bands

*Wrap as tightly as possible without breaking the egg

*Kids socks (like 3 years and below) for a tighter wrap (the socks are for soaking up the dye in the water so all the eggs don’t look the same & it assists in keeping everything wrapped)

*Also you could do this with blown out eggs (HERE)

*Boil longer for more vibrant results

*Don’t shift the eggs around while they are boiling-it may move the fabric thus not giving you a clear pattern



Oh and then I ended our little craft session with another Pinterest snack-zucchini chips (with the zucchini I had left over from that Raw Cheesecake recipe). These were yummy and satisfied my need to crunch! Basically slice them (not too thin or they will just burn) consistently, place on an olive oiled prepared cookie sheet and back at 225° for about 30-45 minutes. Toss with sea salt and serve! Pin them HERE!


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