The Great Surprise Room Makeover of 2015

What can I say? I am glad its over! Lawd I didn’t know what I was getting myself into…its my own fault honestly. I am very Type A, to a fault really, so when we decided to do this I wanted it done exactly the right way. Remodeling, or I guess I should be saying making over, three rooms in as many days was insane-allnighters, gallons upon gallons of paint, a storage unit up the road, a borrowed sprayer for the furniture refinish, many visits to Wal-Mart, many visits to Home Goods, many visits to, the list goes on and on. But we pulled it off and it was worth it. Instead of a bunch of toys the kids would discard after a few days of novelty, we gave them something they will use every single day and we did it with our own hands. I think the kids were so shocked that it didn’t sink in when they first walked in to each room! Forgive my terrible focus-I am horrific at manual focus (but I am learning so I am practicing) but the emotion shines through…Below is a picture of each room and if you click on it it will take you to the before & after pictures of that room for each room along with links to some of the things I used on amazon (as well as comparable things to pull off the same look) and a link to my pinterest board where I tried to Pin lots of things, ideas, purchases, etc. I hope you enjoy! Also, each page has the video reaction & time-lapse (well the ones I got around to doing). Feel free to share on FB, Pin to your idea boards, share with friends:)


Oh and the biggest question I got on FB and IG was how are the kids not finding out? We told them we had to bug bomb their rooms-they had no idea what that meant but we explained it and told them they had to stay out for several days because of the chemicals lol!





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