My Last First Haircut | Baby Hudson Grows

Okay so he may not really be a baby anymore, right? Its hard to face the facts even when they are right in front of you. He is teetering on toddlerhood and I am trying my best to deny it. But after his baby curls were cut off today its too much to deny…he is growing up. The word bittersweet has never rang quite so true in my heart. Part of me is excited that our last is getting old enough to do more with the older kids but part of me is wincing each time he does something new, looks a little older, takes another step away from being my baby. For those of you that don’t know, we are done having babies (unless we are that 1 in 2000 that get pregnant after a vasectomy and hey, what can you do about that right?). My body has carried and birthed four, our house and our hearts are full. Of course, I felt that way after the first three and I never imagined after trying for so many years that Hudson would finally come and just be the icing on the cake. He is such a sweet baby, so chill and so easy going. We have truly been blest with healthy, happy babies and so I can’t complain. But just sometimes, when I see pregnant bellies and new babies in my newsfeed I get a little melancholy and question our decision. But really, I would probably feel that way after another too. So today, as his red curls fell to the ground I saw a little boy start to emerge and now I am sitting in my office crying in front of my computer. My daddy always said I was too emotional lol!


Before we left a grabbed a shot…we were running late so I am glad this was even in focus!



This one is not in focus but I wanted to see the curls from above and it does the job ya know?FirstHaircutHudson-2


I wanted it to be meaningful so I asked my stylist and friend Deanna to do it – she is awesome and I love her and I love her for doing this.








And then we got home at noon of course but I didn’t care…full sun, no shade but he is happy and he’s cute so who cares about technicalities. And and for those of you who don’t know the meaning behind the shirt I actually saved it for this occasion…If you read his birth story We Are the Champions was playing as Dr. Graham pulled him out, butt first into the world and held him up – kind of a Lion King moment but with rock and roll in the OR lol!



And yes that is a newborn posing bag and newborn props and stuff behind him. You get what you get, where you get it with a 14 month old that is enamored that he can walk now!







First Haircut


And for this inquiring minds that want to know, the black and whites were converted with Mono Matte from the Lush Collection for Lightroom and the color images were with The Kansas Collection for Photoshop (Arise & Shine, Vivacious, Warm Spotlight, and some with Mattify)

  • Martha Sobanko - August 26, 2015 - 2:06 pm

    He is the happiest little man EVER! So freakin adoable!!!!!ReplyCancel

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