What Goes In To An Image?

Some images pop up on your LCD and you gasp because they are so beautiful right there in camera. But some, you see the potential but you know you may have to work for it-be it because of the location or color casts or just little details you think would make your image really stand out. So you rush home and load your images and begin…This morning I had a session at Eden-we wanted to shoot yesterday afternoon but the cloud cover was insane and I know, from what my client picked as some of her favorites from the location, she wanted light and warmth. The sun comes in at locations in different places during the day-in other words, I might shoot in one spot in the afternoons because the sun is behind that spot but it isn’t in the mornings right? I had to find different little niches to shoot in. This one used to have a gorgeous rustic falling part fence but now there is new one…new=ugly lol So here is what went in to this final image that I posted on Facebook….



Then in LR I applied Lush Basic Neutral ( I was afraid to add too much warmth with all that green) + Center Spotlight

(The Lush & Gulf Lightroom Presets can be found HERE)

After Lightroom


Opened in Photoshop

I didn’t want to do too much in Lightroom because I knew I was going to do a major change in PS and I like to do my main edits after those types of adjustments are done…

Notice the big change?

Masking and duplication background

(for a short video tutorial on masking click HERE)

Then some normal editing adjustments…If I was taking this in the spring or summer I would probably leave it at this…and this was all done with Ultimate Collection...


Ritchie editing recipe

But let’s just say we want to take it a bit further…

The Fall Collection shines for color, richness, and drama!


A little glimpse into what I did…


Then I added a little Pumpkin Spice + Warm Deep Matte

(both from The Fall Collection)


Want to see me edit more in depth (and hand edit edits just like these?) I released a mini workshop with The Fall Collection..

On sale until Labor Day for $195

Want more Info? Click HERE

Hope you have a great holiday weekend! For more information on the Actions & Presets I talked about click below or check out the store below:

Actions & Presets

The Kansas Collection (also in the store for PSE)

The Fall Collection (PS + PSE)

LR Gulf & Lush Collections


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